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Contemporary Marcasite jewelry designs by DaGea Jewelry blog are sure to leave a shimmer in your eyes. Our talented designer team keeps up the changing trend in the world fashion. We focus on a carefully selected design to offer only the best to our discerning customers. Our trendy marcasite collection will continue to be chock-full of playful colors and statement making. The signature standout pieces include elongated marcasite ring with vibrant gemstone and dainty marcasite rings that can be stacked—a quirky charm bracelet and noteworthy earring suddenly become popular.

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Gemstone Rings – The Glow of the Ruby

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Buy a Gemstone Ring in Thailand When deciding to buy a gemstone ring we enter the jewelry shop. In awe of the wide variety of 925 Sterling Silver ring types, we feel confused in choosing one from the numerous options. However, the choice usually simmers down to one of the 4 most sought-after gemstones: diamonds, sapphires, …

Wholesale Gemstone Rings to Buy

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Gemstone Rings to Buy Hearing the word wholesale gemstone rings may only bring one gemstone to your mind, diamond. But there are other numerous stones that are available in the market for you to buy from wholesale gemstones rings. There’s a phenomenal list of gemstones that you can choose from and every gemstone has uniqueness like …

How to Clean Sterling Silver Bangles

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Wholesale Marcasite Bangle Bangle wholesale in Thailand Silver is among the most coveted metal after nickel, because obviously nickel gives many of us a plethora of allergies. Anyhow, as much as we like to decorate our forearms with sterling silver made Wholeasle Marcasite Bangle and bracelets, using it often can only result in tarnished silver polish …

How to Coordinate Your Jewelry with Your Outfits

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Wholesale Marcasite Pendant Jewelry On average, women spend a total of 90 minutes a week in their closet choosing what to wear. The worst part? That’s just the time which is spent on deciding the outfit, and then comes the hardest part of choosing the right accessories to pair with that ensemble. If you too …

5 Ways You Can Show Off Your Silver Earrings

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Marcasite Earring us Gear up for 2020 as you head in to an year full of outstanding fashion 5 Ways You Can Show Off Your Silver Earrings statement making looks while wearing the same old yet sleek and classic sterling silver Wholesale marcasite earring. The versatile nature of Wholesale Earring makes them a timeless heirloom …

3 Sterling Silver Marcasite Rings to Buy as a Wedding Gift

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Marcasite Rings in thailand Weddings are truly a wonderful event in our lives.3 Sterling Wholesale Rings to Buy as a Wedding Gift. To make it even more memorable and special, we tend to gift our partners a ring and to make it the right option, you must buy a wedding ring that looks beautiful and …

01Everything You Need To Know About Marcasite Rings

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Wholesale Marcasite  925 Sterling Silver ring us Marcasite is an amazing naturally occurring gemstone that has been used for Wholesale ring bombs   to amplify the beauty of women.You’re going to prom, so you have all the right reasons to stack up on glamour. Slip-on your favorite Marcasite ring and get ready for the big night.There are many , …

Blue Snowflake Style Vintage Marcasite Stud Earrings

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Wholesale Vintage Marcasite Stud Earrings   Earring Styles to flatter your face in thailand Choose the right earring styles to complement your face shape.Wholesale Marcasite Earring are an easy way to enhance your beauty, given that you wear those earrings which actually suits you not just the one that is “in style”. Wearing the right …


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