Brooch-classic brooch that you can have

Looking for some brooches to fancy up your outfits? You’ve come to the right place. Brooches are the kind of accessories that we rarely find people wearing these days. Back in old days, people used to pin such accessories over their coats and sweaters. They were considered as a way to hide a stitch or tear on our clothes.

Later on, people started wearing it as a symbol of certain emotions. Which included wearing them for remembering a loved one or wearing it over someone’s death. Eventually, they became a trend where they were worn as accessories. Now brooches have yet again made a comeback in the fashion industry.

Major brands like Dior and Gucci have added brooches into their outfits. Their models wearing brooches over their hair, lapels, and coats have made headlines in fashion magazines. This has been a wake-up that has made us realize that wearing brooches wouldn’t seem old-fashioned after all. Then we should consider buying and wearing them over our clothes.

For you, we did some research to gather all top quality brooches we could find. The collection leans more towards vintage styles because those are the classiest ones in the market.

Brooch-classic brooch that you can have




Art Nouveau Style Round Marcasite Hummingbird Brooch In 925 Sterling Silver

if you’re a vintage jewelry lover, you’ll be a fan of all of the classic designs that brooches come in. hummingbird is one of the most famous designs that have been quite popular. it represents joy, healing, and good luck which are great ways to give a gift to someone. Who doesn’t want a symbolism like this to refresh their mind of the chaos that comes with our lives?

This makes it even better with the intricate detailing and sparkly sterling silver sequins placed over it. It is a marcasite style with 32 handset gemstones added to it. it is then finished with a deep emerald gemstone that is derived from it. There is its standard pin present right into the case to help fasten the brooch easily without a problem.


925 sterling silver marcasite Celtic brooch

Brooches made with sterling silver hit a little differently, that’s exactly what kind of effect this marcasite Celtic brooch gives. It is made with a Celtic design that is quite commonly used in jewelry because of its unusual pattern. It’s an art that might be made with a hidden meaning behind it. You never know, this Celtic pattern might be a symbol of something deeper.

Whatever it is, it would certainly be good for you. Other than this, the brooch features a beautiful structure and design with 925 sterling silver shimmering right through the image. The marcasite brooch is made with gleaming stones that have an overall carat weight of 0.011. It makes the brooch an amazing accessory to wear over your clothes. Be it a wedding or your birthday, fasten up the brooch for a dashing night of fun!


Mother-Of-Pearl and Rhodolite Garnet Flower Pin in Sterling Silver

If you’re ready to spend some money on brooches to add to your pin collection, this is it. It’s time to up your game and buy some classy-looking brooches to wear on special occasions. We suggest the mother-of-pearl brooch that looks incredibly radiant. It not only looks like this on the image but would immediately attract your attention in real life.

The brooch is carefully designed with a 30mm mother-of-pearl flower molded and carved with rhodolite garnets present at the center. It has an amazing finishing of sterling silver that truly enhances the spark of rhodolite within the pin.

What so great is its elegantly classic style that is perfect for those who don’t like all the glittering and shimmering? Wear it over a casual outfit or a dinner outfit. It comes with an appropriate price that is well-deserving for a mother-of-pearl brooch.


Emerald and White Topaz Dragonfly Pin in Sterling Silver

It isn’t rare to find brooch pins with a dragonfly design as they are commonly found in many jewelry pieces. It doesn’t help that the dragonfly symbolizes something positive. Even if you don’t believe in symbolism, it doesn’t hurt to wear jewelry like this.

Dragonfly is simple of optimism and positivity that would soar your confidence to the highest degree. This brooch is manufactured with a combination of emerald and white topaz that surrounds it. The whole body is adorned with these stones that would shine in good lighting.


Cultured Baroque Pearl Flower Pin with Amethysts in Sterling

This is a ross and Simon creation with the flower design as the there main focus on the brooch. The pin is delicately formed with a freshwater baroque pearl flower style. At the center, there’s a .80 ct. t.w. amethysts gemstone in sterling silver to make up the whole look. The sterling silver has such a fine finishing that you wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for the amethyst stone in the center.


12.00 Carat Sapphire, 2.38 ct. t.w. Emerald and 1.20 ct. t.w. Champagne Diamond Pin in Sterling Silver

This is an amazingly designed brooch with an emerald gemstone finishing along with a champagne diamond pin. The overall pin is manufactured with sterling silver which is the best one in the market. You can wear it over your jacket, scarf, or dress to give it a more spicy look.


Now that you know brooches are once again trending, you can add them to your collection. The best part about wearing them is that no matter how drab your outfit is, brooches can give them a great spark. Worried about your outfit being too simple, just put on a brooch over your jacket and you’ll be set.

That’s how you change your style. Their versatile use is the one thing we love about them. No matter where you’re going be it a party or a workplace, you can put on a brooch to enhance your look. That’s how you wear brooches over your clothes.

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