Tips On How to Care for Your Jewelry Collection

Any look is incomplete without it. It could be either a fine one or some casual wear jewelry, but it always holds strong sentiments that make it close to your heart. When you hold such feelings and sentiments for your jewelry, you must have an idea of how to take good care of them. Care for Your Jewelry

It is a sensitive matter that if you do not stay attentive to your jewelry and leave it prone to open places, it starts to tarnish and loses its specialty. The thing that you must consider is that your caring technique depends on the material of your jewelry.

For instance, you do not pay that much attention to your pearl earrings the way you look after your gold chain or necklace. Knowing your specific jewelry will keep them look new, and it will always contain that shine.

Tips On How to Care for Your Jewelry Collection

Care for Your Jewelry

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Let us first introduce you to this type of therapy for your jewelry. In this method, the devices use ultrasonic waves that work along with the heat and pressure of some cleaning solution or water that takes away the dirt and debris off of your system.

It was one of the most expensive methods of cleaning because of its high-cost maintenance. It is a matter of the fact that as much as it helps clean those unreachable spots of jewelry, the equipment used in it was much expensive and rare to find. Care for Your Jewelry

Only shops with professional users were able to keep it, but now its use has become common. Just keep that in mind that the high pressure can cause your gemstones to dislodge from their location, and getting them back there will be a long hassle. Otherwise, it is effective in use.

Wood Avoidance

You should never leave your jewelry on a piece of wood or any other chemically reactive surface. It will destruct your jewelry completely, but it will start the process of discoloration. Another issue that arises is that the dust it catches causes skin diseases to some individuals and causes allergies. Care for Your Jewelry

Although wood with pose and complete finishing will cause no damage if you still find itching or irritation, take it off immediately.

Care for Your Jewelry



Chemicals are the real enemy of your jewelry. You must take your jewelry away from the chemical particles more than any other gadget. Coinage metals like platinum, gold, and silver catch the discoloration and tarnishing process very easily. Care for Your Jewelry Whereas the gemstones also share the effect of harm in it.

Chemicals are everywhere around you, especially when you are getting ready. It could reach through your hairspray, lotion, moisturizers, perfumes, or any other cosmetic items. So, it is better that you wear your jewelry after applying all of these things.

Care for Your Jewelry


Your jewelry needs a proper storing place. You cannot just throw your jewelry piece over your dressing table or just keep it open in your drawer without any coating. Doing this means you are calling for the dust and bacteria to damage it or add scratches to it. Care for Your Jewelry

Most of the jewelry always comes already in some kind of box or some pouch, and you should use them to keep it. They design them in such a way that they keep your jewelry safe in there. Otherwise, there are boxes available in the market that keep your jewelry hanging in that box.

Care for Your Jewelry

Use of Chalk

You must be thinking that why does chalk has to do anything with your jewelry? A lot of people come with the same thought in their minds because they do not know the effect of it. Chalk is the major source of absorbing the moisture of air from any surface. Care for Your Jewelry

It does not mean to dip your jewelry in chalk. You can use the alternatives such as any dehumidifier or silica pouches that will do the job. It will keep it safe from the water particles of air and will not make it dusty.

Get Rid of Sunlight

It is the summer season, and you are all ready to go out now. Care for Your Jewelry Of course, you will not leave the house without the jewelry. But keep in mind that going out and having too much exposure can harm your skin. In the same way, your jewelry also does not like sunlight at all.

The gemstones are the real target of sunlight. It takes away the shine and brightness of the gemstones ending up losing their color and getting weaker. So, keep them away from the sunlight for taking good care of them.

Care for Your Jewelry

Dish Washing Soap for Cleaning

Cleaning makes it easier. But cleaning also has its own rules and limitations. There are a lot of suggestions available for cleaning, including dishwashing soap and toothpaste. We suggest you not use toothpaste because of this one reason that it Care for Your Jewelry makes your jewelry quite abrasive and damages it.

However, using dishwashing soap is a much better idea with warm water. After dipping it for mere minutes, take it out and start wiping it with a cotton cloth, and you will see the tarnish and debris from the jewelry, making it look like a new one.

Final Verdict

These are all the tips on how to care for your jewelry collection. All of these methods will help you out for the time and make it look like new for a much longer time, but everything has a limit. Secondly, your jewelry deserves a visit to the professionals.

All these methods will be good till to a certain time. Take good care of your jewelry, and it will not disappoint you or make you go again and again to the professionals as they charge quite higher than doing it at home. Care for Your Jewelry

Keep them in the boxes or pouch most of the time when they are not in use. Secondly, save them from chemicals and sunlight, and it will be a win-win condition. If you have any idea that we have missed, let us know in the comment section.

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