Expensive gemstones for your engagement rings

Gemstone engagement rings are a perfect addition to your special occasion. The gemstones enhance the entire look of your engagement ring giving it a spectacular appearance that is perfect for your engagement.

Before you jump onto the expensive gemstones for your ring, you should choose the ones that come with a higher Mohs hardness level which is around 7 or more than 7. it is a great indicator that allows you to understand the fact that the stones are suitable for daily wear and resist any scratching.

To help you get sorted we have listed down some of the expensive gemstones that you can opt for your engagement ring. Most of the gemstones in this list are highly durable and can be cleaned using the ultrasonic system or steam. engagement rings

You can also clean them using warm water, mild detergent, and a soft brush at home. Let’s look at the stunning gemstones for your engagement rings

Expensive gemstones for your engagement rings

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Alexandrites are beautiful gemstones that change their color from bluish-green or green underneath daylight into purplish-red or red underneath the incandescent light. This stunning gemstone was discovered during the 1830s within Russia and because of the color-changing feature, it gained popularity.

Alexandrite is an expensive gemstone that comes with a high hardness of around 8.5 resisting scratches and making it a wonderful choice for engagement rings.

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This other expensive gemstone is a mesmerizing choice due to the diverse range of imaginable colors and multiple zones shown in the stone. It was an inexpensive gemstone but after the discovery of tourmalines in blue-green and neon-blue shades, it took the world by storm.

Paraiba tourmaline is a rare, expensive gemstone that comes with a 7-7.5 hardness level without any cleavage. It is less likely to suffer from split and resists any damage.

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Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl’s

What you’ll love about this gemstone is the spectacular cat’s eye effect making it a valuable choice. Cat’s eye chrysoberyl’s come in greenish-yellow, yellowish-green, and yellow body colors. The milk and honey effect with a sharp pupil within this prized stone makes this gemstone a great choice.

The best part about this gemstone is that it comes with an 8.5 hardness level with a high luster and indistinct cleavage. Moreover, it’s a highly durable, glowing, and luscious gemstone that can be easily incorporated into engagement rings to offer a delicate look.

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Jedi Spinels

These stunning gemstones were first discovered within Myanmar in 2001. The neon hot pink color of these gemstones is inspired by Star Wars. What you’ll love about these gemstones is that they don’t have any darker tones which lower the spinel value.

The perfect neon glow of Jedi spinels is because of the strong fluorescence. Spinels are relatively available in the market but Jedi Spinel’s in neon hot pink are rare which keeps their prices high making them a perfect choice for engagement rings.

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This gemstone is also called jade which can either be any of the two distinct types of minerals including nephrite or jadeite. Jadeite is one of the expensive and rare gemstone types. It is available in several colors ranging from orange, white, gray, yellow, black, lavender.

The Imperial green color of jadeite is considered one of the precious types and is highly valued. When the jadeites are polished, they express high luster giving the engagement rings a flawless look.
Jadeites come with a 6.5-7 hardness range. Some of these pieces come with a high vulnerability to scratches.

Though jadeite is a tough gemstone, it comes with no cleavage and high tenacity. It is highly resistant to cracking and chipping. The gemmy texture of the jadeites always gains attention in the crowd due to the unique look. The toughness of jadeite is such that it offers protective properties even in the Chinese culture.

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It is one of the affordable gemstones available in orangish, purplish, and brownish-red colors. For your expensive engagement rings, you can choose rubellites which are available in a diverse range of reds including magenta, mauve, pale pink, rose, or blood red. These gemstones are cut into faceted gems which gives these rings a perfect cat’s eye effect.

Rubellites are one of the durable gemstones but they do have inclusions. Avoid cleaning them using a mechanical system and opt for a mild cleaning method like detergent, soft brush, and warm water.

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Demantoid Garnets

With a diverse range of garnets available in the market, demantoids are the rare, expensive gemstones that you can opt for to display on the engagement rings. This gemstone comes in beautiful green color. It is was first found within Russia during the early 19th century.

Demantoids are all about attention and love. The finest, intense green demantoids come with a perfect brilliance giving your eyes a perfect look. Demantoids are not available in huge sizes. Their beauty is in their delicacy. The hardness of these gemstones is around 6.5-7 which increases their susceptibility to scratches.

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Red Beryls

The red beryls are a beautiful type of beryl gemstone. They are simply related to the emeralds and aquamarines. The top-notch quality of these gemstones makes them a great choice for engagement rings. They are present only in the beautiful Wah Mountain of Utah.

Red beryl is a rare type of gemstone which is estimated to come with a one gem quality compared to every 150000-diamond gem quality. Red beryl’s come with $10000 for each carat. It is a mesmerizing gemstone that goes well for your engagement eve.

When buying the red beryl’s, it’s essential to get the lab grade report to avoid any imitation or simulation. This gemstone also comes with inclusions so avoid cleaning them with the ultrasonic system or steam. Use a combination of warm water, a soft brush, and mild detergent.


For all those who have been seeking expensive gemstones for their engagement rings, this guide will help. We have listed down the best gemstones that will gain attention in the crowd and make your loved one happy with the perfect design and use of gemstones in engagement rings.

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