Fashion jewelry documentaries on Netflix to watch on a rainy day

Most probably you have seen one of these films. You will love and get inspiration from these fashion jewelry documentaries on a rainy day when you are stuck at home. We cannot go out and display your lovely jewelry.

But you can spend quality time at home by watching and experiencing some style and glamour from these films. Let’s get started;

Fashion jewelry documentaries on Netflix to watch on a rainy day

Fashion jewelry

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a romantic and comedy film. It is released in 1961 and comprises a classy string of gems attired by the holy Golightly. The character of holy Golightly is played by the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn. In this film, you will see a lot of jewelry styles and glamour. This movie gives us a flavor of the fashion of New York at that time.

The story revolved around the holy Golightly, who is a party girl inspired by wealth and glamour. She got interested in Paul Verjack, who has moved into her neighborhood. But their past secrets threaten them to get in the way. Fashion jewelry Moreover, the song Moon River performed by Audrey was so melodious. This film won 2 Oscar awards and earned $14 million worldwide.

Fashion jewelry

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby was directed by Baz Luhrmann and released in 2013. This film is ideal for those who love the style and decoration of the 1920s. The mysterious Gatsby’s role is performed by Leonardo Dicaprio and Daisy Buchanan by beautiful Carey Mulligan. The jewelry that Daisy attires in this film is elegant.

The Great Gatsby is a rich person who throws a party every weekend. A young man, Nick caraway, moves to West egg and rents a house next to Gatsby. Soon, he is attracted to the extravagant world of Gatsby. However, after someday Nick will see over the flaws of Gatsby’s new money existence is full of madness, tragedy, and obsession.

Moreover, elegant jewels that used in this film were created by the association of Tiffany & Co. and the production’s designer. Most particularly, the diamond headband that Daisy wears on a party throw by Mr. Gatsby. It is a wonderful film with its fantastic story and soundtracks that you should not miss watching. Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry

Master of dreams

What makes the celebrities on the screen or red carpet sparkle? It is no mystery of Hollywood that makes a star, but there are hands of expert jewelers who create elegant ad sparkle jewelry. The movie Master of Dreams tells the story of 13 master jewelers who work hard to create magnificent jewelry for celebrities. Fashion jewelry

How a star is prepared for the red carpet, from jewelry to dress, is made by the expert artist. This documentary contains 4parts that show the wonderful journey of the jewelry world filled with gemstone stalkers, renewed families, and the most advanced designers of the world. This French jewelry documentary is just amazing that you should watch as a jewelry lover.

Fashion jewelry

Mystery of hope diamond

Mark Radice and Kim Basinger directed this film. The mystery of diamond released in 2010 tells the story of the conspiracy and spirituality of Hope diamond. It is also about a cursed diamond known as the Tavernier diamond. Fashion jewelry

Many of those who had this stone said that they faced terrible fortunes due to this. You will see the red phosphorescence, and the mystery of the blue color is explicated in this film. Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry

Gentlemen prefer blondes

This film is directed by Howard Hawks and starring Jane Russel, Tommy Noonan, and Marylin Monroe. The singer girls Marylyn as Lorelei Lee and Jane as Dorothy Shaw chased by a private office of the distrustful father of Lorelei’s boyfriend during travel to Paris. They also enjoyed the company of every rich and loving man on the way.

Moreover, the song “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend” is the most iconic and hit song of this film. With her jewelry-related song and so much enthusiasm, this film has become the best movie for jewelry fans. You will see the actress wearing an ancient gemstone, the moon of Baroda diamond in this film.

The price of this 24-carat diamond is about $1.3 million and has been possessed by Marie’s mother. This musical and comedy film grossed $5.3 million worldwide and became the 8th highest earned movie of 1953. Fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry

Moulin Rouge

Moulin rouge is a fantastic and sparkle movie released in 2001. Baz Luhrmann directed this movie and has a very talented cast like Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. The scene starts when Nicole Kidman as Satine singing a remake song of diamonds are girl’s Best friend at the Rouge. The grace and elegance of this film are enhanced by the wonderful jewelry worn by Satine. The designer spent many days making jewelry that gives the spirit of the 1800s.

The Moulin Rouge is about a Christian who is a young writer and club dancer named Satine. He falls in love with Satine, but she desired the duke, who is a backer of the club. A love triangle attempts all chances to remain together, but a power that not also love can defeat is removing its peal on Satine. This movie also hit the box office with $57 million. Fashion jewelry


Fashion jewelry


Blood diamonds

Do not mix up the action flick “Blood Diamond” by Leonardo Dicaprio that was also released in 2006. This Blood Diamonds documentary revolves around torture, war, and addiction to magnificent diamond jewelry. Fashion jewelry

The diamonds which are traded are named blood diamonds. This documentary focuses on the Angola and Sierra Leone Africans nations. You can watch this documentary to experience a different story from all of above mention movies.

Final Verdict

We covered the best jewelry documentary that you can watch anytime. These movies truly show the jewelry fashion and hard work of jewelry makers. You will see how a piece of jewelry can make celebrities charming and glamorous. I hope, you will like our article and watch the above series.

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