Ways to know her ring size without her knowing

If you’re looking at the possibility of knowing your partner’s wedding ring size without her consent, several others would too. People from various backgrounds online are also faced with this challenge, and that’s why we have identified a few tips that will move you past the challenge.

Ways to know her ring size without her knowing

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Be Subtle

If you are well set for a surprise proposal but would still prefer to procure her ring size right from the source, ask your partner in a very gentle, fluent manner. If you have plans of proposing to your girlfriend, you can act as if, for instance, you want to buy a ring for her sister or mum, niece, aunt, or even yourself. See to it that the person on the receiving end of your pretense is someone who has a similar hand size as your fiance.

Lightly enquire for her ring size just for reference purposes. If you genuinely want to make your discovery much faster, buy a cheap ring and present it to her. Tell her to try it on and look in the mirror to know if it is a perfect fit and the correct size. Perhaps, later on, you can then gift the ring to your mother, aunt, niece, sister, or, to satiate your guilty conscience!

Use A Pen & Paper (Or Your Finger) To Detail Their Ring Size.

You can sketch the interior of the ring on a sheet of paper, after which your jeweler can then identify the size of the ring from your drawing (the Blue Nile provides a printable ring size manual as well for those who want to buy online).

Lend One Of Your Fiance’s Rings

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Another way to know her ring size is to borrow one of her old rings for a day. You have to be cautious here as it may end up in such a way that it doesn’t suit you. Ensure that you take the ring your fiance wears on a finger of the same size; the ring finger on her right hand is usually the best choice.

Even though you take a thumb ring to your jeweler, they will often find a way to give a relative value of what dimension her ring finger will be. If you prefer this method, see to it that you select a ring that holds no particular significance and won’t lead to any emotional turbulence if they realize they can’t find it anymore!

Employ a measurement tactic

If you luckily spot a ring in your partner’s jewelry box but can’t go through the risk of taking it to the jeweler for a day, you still won’t be able to achieve your aim. You have two options at this point.
The first step is to look for a bar of soap – the minibars provided by hotels are the best fit – then press the ring further into the bar to give an imprint.

Ensure you take out any soap remnants, or else you will run the risk of potentially getting an accurate result! The next option is to use wax then press the ring across a candlestick. When the ring can’t go further, leave a mark on the candle. Once more, ensure that there is no wax left on the ring. Then you can convey the candle or soap to the artist to find out your partner’s ring size.

Enquire from her friends

Other married or engaged can be very helpful. If plans for their wedding are ready on the way, it’s convenient for them to come in and enquire from your girlfriend about the dream wedding she has in mind. If her girlfriends are willing or thoughtful, they can make plans for a day your fiance will try out their rings and give you any feedback from the test.

You may even end up convincing them to set aside the opportunity for such. Tell the women to shop and quickly drive to a jewelry store where they can try on many rings, and they can then tell what ring size your girlfriend uses. If you inform the jeweler in advance concerning their visit, one of them should note the rings she tries on and what her actual ring size may be.

Friends & family can assist you too.

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Requesting the help of family and friends can be a very convenient way to resolve the issue. There is the possibility that someone had talked to her about wedding rings and ring sizes. Probably, she’s worn some of their rings, so family and friends will have a brilliant idea of her potential ring size. But, there’s a little uncertainty that comes with this.

Your finding might not be as precise as when you size a ring she wears daily. Except an acquaintance or family knows for sure your girlfriend’s ring size, chances are you will only have a “somewhat good” idea of what her ring size could be. Reaching out to friends and family may be worth the effort. Perhaps, they will remember when they once bought her a ring as a gift, and they can then reference this purchase.

Compare your Finger Size and hers.

Another trick is to assess the size of her finger in comparison to yours. You can achieve this by just looking at her hand without her knowing you’re doing anything of such. It is not so difficult, but you can make a hell of a lot of mistakes. Perhaps, you’ll find that you both have a similar finger size, or her own is a bit smaller.

Then you have to find out your ring size and then make an estimate with that. You can put her rings on secretly to see if they match any of your fingers (like your pointing finger, for example), then measure your finger with a tool!

Ask Your Fiance!

A few people in our world prefer to go through the hard way when making a discovery, and then there comes those who are much more direct. If you and your fiance have been talking about your marriage for a while, ask them directly what ring size they use! Don’t bother yourself — you can still offer an element of surprise. They have no idea of how you’re going to ask or when!

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