Special tips for buying real silver watches

A piece of jewelry is an important part of an outfit it’s the essence of our whole look. Nonetheless, silver watches it is highly crucial to choose the right kind of accessory for your outfit. One single misstep can either make or break your look. So choose an accessory perfect for your outfit.

Because it can be the ego boost you might need before an event. There’s no way you can gain much-needed confidence with a screwed-up outfit. The most neutral accessory that can go with any casual or formal look is a watch.

Watches are quite underrated in the fashion world and deserve to be put at the top. The sleek clean-cut design of a branded watch is the one addition; you might need to your collection. silver watches Add on a silver-plated structure and BAM, here’s an immaculate watch you’ll never tire of wearing.

This is what you call an explosive combination of style and class mixed with unyielding silver. Following are some factors that you should consider before buying a watch.

Special tips for buying real silver watches

silver watches

What to consider when buying a watch

There are some factors that you need to consider before buying a watch. Some of them are mentioned below silver watches

Material: Material is the machine of watch jewelry that makes up the whole structure. silver watches Look for a watch with not only a durable material but also one that forms the overall appearance of it as well.

When you walk into a store of watches, your eyes immediately gravitate towards a shiny casing silver watches that has a completely different appeal.

silver watches

Watch face

Watch face is the round crystal part of a watch, this is the part most vulnerable to a fall. Once it touches down, it the most chances of shattering to pieces than any other part of a watch.

So make sure you get jewelry such as this, with a durable and strong body that can take the impact. silver watches

  • Acrylic crystal: This is the most durable and affordable plastic used on a watch, It is hard to break and can be perfect for active people. Although they are many benefits to buying it, it is prone to scratches. This means you should be careful with your jewelry and do not use it recklessly.
  • Mineral Glass: This type of coverage comes in a middle to low price range and is treated to become more durable. Despite its strong qualities, the product will shatter against an extreme blow.
  • Sapphire crystal: Since the watch is made from sapphire, you can already tell it will be expensive. The real sapphire is made from corundum which has a 9 mohs scale rating of being the strongest. It is very much resistant to any scratches and will only be impacted by scratching more than the rating 9.

silver watches


This is another feature of the accessory that is part of what the watch is offering. Everyone has a different preference, some like watches with a strap, others like it a metal bracelet.

Your job is to find the one that appeals to your liking and has the most durability. silver watches

Strap band

Strap watches come in many different materials like nylon, leather, rubber, silver watches plastic, etc. You just need to find the one that suits you the most. Sports watches are usually made from nylon or rubber due to their many useful qualities including being water-resistant.

Bracelet band

These are usually made from the same material as the case. The metal is linked together to form a whole bracelet. These kinds of bands are popular among both genders,  silver watches decent structure gives it a touch of class and sophistication.

silver watches

How to know if it’s a real silver watch or not

There are many ways to find out whether material is made from real silver or not. How we check the purity of the silver can be applied to watches as well. silver watches Some of the best ways to find whether your possession is real silver or not are presented below:

  • Look for stamps: The first thing you should do after buying a watch is looking for signs that the silver is pure. This also means looking for any hallmark signs or stamps to see its authentication. For example, a 925 sterling silver jewelry will always have a stamp of “925” over it. Silver items that are sold commercially, usually have several markings to show their authenticity. This includes the manufacturer’s name, or the date when it was made.
  • Magnet test: Now this is a test where you check whether the silver product is moving towards the magnet. This is the simplest way to see the purity of silver. Silver isn’t as magnetic as other materials like copper, nickel, etc. This can be a clear giveaway to test the silver of a watch.
  • Flake test: If a jewelry item has a silver coating, does not always mean it is made from pure silver. Scratch the surface and find out whether a different coating is revealed underneath this coating. Take out all the flakes and put them in a container with acid. If the material isn’t silver then the acid will change its color. However, if it is then the color will remain the same.

Final Verdict

Watches have always been in trend, their versatile nature makes them the best jewelry item to wear. silver watches Add them with the perfect material coating and you’ll have a fabulous piece of accessories.

One of the best materials for a watch is silver, its durable quality is what makes it our favorite. However, you need to be sure about its purity. Always cautious about the retailers you buy it from.

You never know about anybody’s intentions. So first know about its purity and then consider the factors that might play a part in its purchase. silver watches

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Silver watches are the kind of jewelry that’s always in trend. We have some special tips for buying real silver jewelry in 2021!

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